Business Travel: How To Hit The Ground Running

It’s not easy to travel frequently for work, but with a little help you can make the experience more comfortable. Here are five tips for thetravelling woman.

Business Travel: How To Hit The Ground Running

  1. Know the company policies. Your employer likely has a per diem or allowable expenses for certain types of staff. Find out what the parameters are before you spend on an in-room massage at the hotel. Hopefully, your company is using an automated expense management system so you can enter everything in an app. If you have to keep receipts and fill in an expense report, knowing what’s allowed beforehand will at least make the process go more quickly for you and the finance department.
  1. Put it in writing. Technology is great, except when it isn’t. Don’t arrive at your destination with importantinformation,like the address of your hotel,left on websites that you might have trouble accessing upon arrival. Have them on paper.
  1. Pack scientifically. Stick to carry-on and you will significantly increase your chances of hitting the ground running. If you are going to be away for more than a few days, you can still look stylish by bringing the right clothing. Purchase or mine your closet for wardrobe staples, each of which should go with at least two other items you pack. For example, pack black capri pants to wear with two shirts; a wrinkle-free tunic is a great option because you can pair it with leggings or the capris. Select a palette mix and stick to it for clothing and bring lightweight shoes that work with everything and can be swapped in to dress an outfit up or down. Use mineral powder foundation; it doesn’t spill or take up precious space in your liquids bag.
  1. Be active. Flying can take a toll on your body, even in business class, so use some time in the evening or morning to do something, anything, physical. Weights, yoga, or even walking on the treadmill will help those muscles get back to normal. On long flights, get up and stretch or move to try to avoid swelling in your legs and ankles.
  1. Bring a favourite scent. Some hotels provide great products, but some are mediocre or very drying on the skin, so having your own moisturiser with you is key and a real lifesaver on a long flight. If you use a brand such as Occitane or Origins, ask for samples when you shop. In carry-on bottles, you can easily bring an aromatherapeutic mix for relaxation and rejuvenation, such as lavender or lemongrass. Having a favourite scent with you helps you feel at home in your own skin wherever you are.

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