The Best Websites To Convert Video Files To HTML5

HTML5 was released in 2014 and gave website developers and bloggers many advanced and easy to use codes. A key feature included the HTML5 video; this was introduced to make video playing, posting and embedding easier and without the need of any flash player. Since its launch, website users are found troubled looking for easy HTML5 videoplayer and converters. An awful lot of video editor tools and software were upgraded by companies to add this feature to the new version however still there are not many efficient ones on the web right now.

The Best Websites To Convert Video Files To HTML5

So, here is a list of some of the top video converters and their key specs to help you out:

  1. Apowersoft Video converter: Apowersoft is a free converter tool available online, the site offers you easy video converter to mp4, HTML5 and other video extensions, you can also opt for conversion to audio format, but since we are looking for HTML5 type let’s just focus on that, it’ll get the job done easily. You can just visit the website and get your job done. But in case you have no working internet obviously you can’t. Need not worry the one that’ll just need a little bit time for downloading are on this list too.
  1. com: This site apparently is the best as it seems of now, you can download the software for your pc/laptop and work on it, the interface is quite user friendly and hassle free. Besides the usual offering of video conversion, easyhtml5video converter also allows you to change the poster and adjust the quality of your video. The best thing about this tool is that it is compatible with every browser and every OS (including apple, blackberry, windows phone and android). You drag the file and select the desired format, click on start and within a blink the conversion is done, you can then save or share your file wherever you like.
  1. Gfycat: It is far most one of the most innovative html5 video converters, gfycat allows you to convert GIF’s to HTML5 videos, isn’t that fun? The benefits of having a GIF as a video? You know very well, you can rewind, pause and play any time.

There are only 3 names on this list because these three video converters fulfill every converting task required. Conversion from one file type to another, and quality management, this is what is needed in an converter and these tools succeed on doing so.

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